The Danger of losing Accreditation

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Accreditation represents the validation and credibility of your program that is formally recognized by an organization outside of your own. Ignoring your responsibility to the accrediting body and not consulting with all stakeholders of your program in a regular review process can possibly cause your program to be de-certified, losing credibility within the industry and with your clients (students) possibly even resulting in the suspension of your program.

This was the recent case with the suspension of a respiratory therapy program at the College of the North Atlantic. Students and faculty were left in limbo and unable to continue their studies. Program loses accreditation

Even though 28 graduates of the program have written their national licensing exam and all passed, there were too many concerns that the students were not being trained in a safe manner to allow accreditation to continue. I imagine that in this field, accreditation is compulsory, whereas in my program Baking and Pastry, is a non-compulsory trade.

Our program is accredited through Alberta Industry Training in relation to the Journey Baker Program that can ultimately result in Red Seal Certification. We base course outcomes on alignment with Apprenticeship outcomes, and this also allows our learners to write all three period exams during their time at our school. This has been a challenging relationship, as the apprenticeship is not fully supported by all aspects of industry and our program attempts to give students and exposure to the many different fields available to them upon graduation, rather than that of the traditional baker. I often wonder if our program is not accredited how much of an impact it would make compared to compulsory trades?



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