Will I ever be able to sleep the night before I start with a new class? The Truths Of Teaching-Brookfield

Are there any studies on the percentage of instructors that are affected by insomnia? I know speaking with my fellow colleagues, we often have feelings of stress and anxiety leading up to the beginning of a semester or a new cohort. In The Skillful Teacher, Chapter One,  Brookfield (Wiley, 2015) has a section listing the Truths of Teaching. This foreshadows a later section in the text about the feeling of being an imposter. This sense has pushed me to challenge myself to improve and not become stale, as I want to provide the best learning experience to my students, but self-doubt always seem to be strongest that night before class starts. I have always found that I have enlightened ideas  on these sleepless nights, but often feel exhausted in the morning and not in the best condition to teach.


The article above from the Guardian has a study which suggest that Teachers only get about six hours of sleep per night. reflecting on my sleeping practices, I can confirm that I am in bed by 10 and up awake by 4, sometimes 3am. I try as best as I can to get into a routine to make sure I am well rested, but sometimes this is not the case.

I have only being teaching for five years, but even the instructors that I consider mentors and absolute experts in their field of expertise have these same experiences. Brookfield’s comments in Chapter One piqued my interest instantly as I can relate to the content presented that help confirm my beliefs. Now if I can just get some sleep!




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