Conversation with my learning partner, Teresa Kouch


My learning partner is Teresa Kouch, she is a training specialist in the construction industry, developing training programs, with an extensive background in marketing. Although we have very different backgrounds in our careers and our current roles, we shared some mutual thoughts and ideas on adult education. This evening we had a conversation discussing trends in our fields, trends in adult education and how our roles and responsibilities will change we take on more teaching and training in the future.

What are some trends in your field?

We discussed the blogs that we had posted on our sites. I had mentioned that it was very important to me to stay on top of trends such ad the designer eclairs so I am able to demonstrate techniques to my learners as for sure they will ask about anything the see online, in their travels or on TV. It was interesting when Teresa mentioned as a developer, she worked with subject matter experts and that they were the links to the trends n her industry. Upon reflection, even though we have very different roles I could utilize this approach and bring in guest speakers or chefs to help facilitate certain skills and trends! I enjoyed Teresa’s blog on the top 10 trends in the construction industry, myself having worked in the past in construction.

What ares some trends in adult education?

We both agreed that self directed learning is an important and growing trend in adult education. Teresa shared her research on the “new learning paradigm” and how it places responsibility of training departments to assist with guiding self directed  learning. I also choose self directed learning for my blog on adult learning and found that structure and support is necessary to help create a engaging self directed learning environment.

How will your roles and responsibilities change as you take on more teaching and training responsibilities in the future?

Initially when I thought of about this question, I did not believe my role or responsibilities would change much in the future. Teresa made a great point about us taking on more of a facilitator role, rather than that of an instructor in the future. She also mentioned that the “learners teach you.” I thought these were greats points, and as develop my classes and teaching persona, I can absolutely see these changes happening.




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