Trends in Adult Education: DIY SDL (self directed learning)


Why is Self Directed Learning a popular trend?

I often reflect upon different concepts in learning that I myself enjoy and gravitate towards. One trend that is familiar to us all as educators is Self Directed Learning. With the popularity of DIY in all facets of modern life and readily available information, the possibilities for education are endless.

I often reflect on how this method instruction can be more effectively implemented into my classroom. In researching beyond Chapter 4 in our text book, I discovered the following web page from Waterloo University:

The four step process that is identified assists in clarifying the the roles of learner and the facilitator. In creating assignments, this format provided gives an excellent guidelines. As I reflect upon assignments that i have created for my courses, I was pleasantly surprised that many of the techniques and methods in the process were already implemented. Taking useful, concise information like this will assist in adding depth to my curriculum. In my experience, I have found this type of self directed learning assignments very rewarding for the learners as well as the facilitator.


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